Monday, September 17, 2012

Our abuse of stereotypes might have been offensive if any of us was actually Japanese

So I've told you before that I like costume parties, right? Understatement. Well, this past Friday, my fabulous roommate and I had a Japanese themed party as our last hurrah in our apartment before we move out in two weeks, with the twofold purpose of also celebrating my new job and upcoming move. Genius decision making on our part. But then that's what we are: GENIUSES. (If you don't believe me, ask me about biscuitpalooza).
Geniuses. Boom.
Since you might not be aware of the details, let's recap: I'm waiting for my work visa now, and the scheduled move is tentatively set for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'M GOING TO TOKYO, PEOPLE!! But you knew that. In the meantime, I will be happily homeless and jobless, wandering the country visiting friends and family like the vagabond I have officially become. Or will become. SOON.

So anyway, back to the important stuff: THE PARTY. If ever there was a theme our home was meant for, this was it. My roomie didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on decorations, and I just gave a (gentle, not mean) scoff and said "I got this." While she ran an errand, I went into my bedroom, gathered anything Japanese that I have, and when she returned to our apartment she said, " looks like Japan threw up in here." Easy peasy.

Vintage obi to use as a table runner? Check.
Adorable stationery that just had to be sewn into a banner? No problem.
Kimonos for us to wear? Done.
Japanese art for all the walls? Cakewalk
Enough toys to make a toddler's palms twitch? Cruel and yes.
Books, magazines, comics? Of course.
A Hello Kitty snuggie? Duh.
And I could go on and on. Just look:

View when you walk in the door. There's Pedro!
tanuki and some subtle Hello Kitty textile action
Uh huh. A painting of my favorite Pokemon card.

More friends
Panda-X - you are learning so much right now.
Rody Meets Freestyle, aka MOST AWESOME MINI PEZ EVER.
Do you see the mini cowboy hats between their eyes?
Do you understand the amazingness you are witnessing?
Just tell me you get it, even if you don't.
Don't even think about stealing these. I will end you.
For food, we kept it simple, with the highlights being the Harry Potter Mochi and the wasabi almonds.
Add gelatin to a butterbeer recipe and
you've got some very weird yet delicious Harry Potter Mochi
Even Vader likes it!
I think our concierge is often very concerned about what goes on up here. We asked people to come in costume, they obliged:

Meow Meow Anime Princess, Risa, Lip My Stockings, and Pikachu

No detail overlooked
Meow Meow and her nerd

And we even encompassed other parts of Asia. How very all-inclusive!!
And let's not forget Pedro's kamikaze moment. We're talking BLAZE OF GLORY. He would not back down. I mean, HE BENT A METAL BROOMSTICK. But ultimately, he gave up the goods. Good man, that Pedro. He will be missed. Already is. There is a Godzilla shaped hole in my heart. RIP Pedro, 4-eva.
Saying our final goodbyes.
Meow Meow can't get it done.

This does not look safe.
Pedro holding strong.

But it always ends the same: Picking over Pedro's guts. 
I sincerely wish that whenever I was asked by an interviewer "Why Japan?" that I could have just brought them to my house and said "THIS IS WHY."

P.S. I have awesome friends.

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