Saturday, October 20, 2012


Soooooooo, when I was applying for this job, they asked me to give a range of dates when I'd be available. I said November 20 to January 6. In my very first interview, they asked me if those dates were actually based on something or whether they were completely arbitrary. A pretty nervy question, if you ask me, but I got used to that kind of thing.

I may have told them something about wanting to be around for at least two months after my nephew was born...which sounds good and has a definite element of truth to it. I love that little guy. Just look at him, for crying out loud:

Now that your heart is completely melted, here's the truth:

I have tickets to a Madonna concert on November 19th. Boom. I have priorities, people.

And I don't know why January 6th. Why not? Because I like a holiday named "Epiphany"? I'll admit to arbitrary on that one.

But you don't say that junk to an interviewer. And I guess you also hope they don't one day read your blog, but who cares...I already got the job. 

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