Monday, October 1, 2012

If these last two weeks didn't kill me, then I'm golden

I'm still here! These last two weeks have been absurdly busy...remember what I said about cramming a lot of stuff into a short time? I DON'T KNOW WHY I DO THAT. But I do. Every time. All I can do is accept the madness and power through. And I made it...but barely!

So I gave notice at my job two weeks ago and wrapping that up was both heartbreakingly sweet and also quite brutal, complete with temper tantrums (not mine), tears (theirs and mine), and a dramatic threat of suicide that only needed a Victorian fainting couch to complete the scene (two more days like that and it would have been mine). Essentially I went through 30 breakups in two days. NOT EASY. I'll miss my patients, but I think it's going to take a while before I miss my job. A looooong while. Like maybe forever. Or maybe not. Let's put a pin in that.

And one week ago, this adorable bundle of joy was brought into this world by his superstar mom:

My precious adorable perfect nephew,
Mark Henry aka "Hank"
So I've been busy falling in love over and over with every change in facial expression, baby pterodactyl squawk, and whiff of delish baby smell, and that takes up time too. WORTH IT!

Then our lease on our apartment was up yesterday, so there was endless stomping around the house shouting "I HATE PACKING!" plus bribing the concierge of our building with a free TV to not report us for using the freight elevator without signing up, and answering life's important questions, like:

"Does anyone really need 45 pairs of underwear?"
"Can I spray your room for fleas?"
"I don't want the iron squirrel...what do I do with it?"
"How much peanut butter and jelly can I eat before I go bald from malnutrition?"

(No. Yes. Then it goes to Goodwill. A LOT.)

Instead of just packing, I was also giving everything away. I wanted to give things to people who could really use them, so it's been a lot of work distributing a lifetime's worth of belongings. Just a small for instance: I have always loved books...have a bit of a book hoarding issue in the point where a forklift once tipped over when it tried to pick up a container with all my books (true story)....soooooo, instead of a regular bed, I put together 25 boxes of books, covered it with a bedskirt, threw a mattress on top and VOILA! Comfy bed, and if osmosis works, then BONUS! See:

Looks like a regular bed...
But it's all books!
I was not kidding even a little bit.
But I got rid of them all! Well, let's be honest: almost all...I kept one box worth. I put a few select items in storage at my brother's house, and otherwise am taking 4 suitcases to Japan. This is officially everything I own:

And even some of this stuff is earmarked for giveaway
There were also many teary moments as my dear roommate and I came to the end of a fantastic era of roommatehood. Facing life without homemade donuts and manicures, the wall of mancake, smuggling TooJay's cake and champagne into the movies, poolside roommate meetings...well, frankly, it's gonna be rough. Awful. Terrible. I'm gonna go cry into my pancakes now. It's been 24 hours, and the withdrawal is severe.

She's the Wonka Bar to my Oompa Loompa
Then after we finished moving out yesterday, I dried my tears and got in the car and headed to Tampa to kickoff Friend Tour 2012. Now that I am temporarily homeless and jobless, I am taking the next month to travel to get a good dose of the people I love before I head to Japan. I'm feeling so blessed to be able to do this trip again this year!!

If you get nothing else out of this babble, get this: Relationships are the most important thing you have. Stuff is just stuff. People are nuts and messy and make life complicated, but loving and knowing others for who they really are and letting them know and love you as you are...well, that's what makes this ride worth it. From Dr. Risa to you. Free of charge.

Let's talk soon!

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