Friday, October 19, 2012

Tokyo is unprepared for what they've signed up for!!!


That's where I've been assigned to work!

Where the heck is that???


Wait? That doesn't help? How about this:

Still nothing? One more:

I can do this all day. Last one, I swear:

You know, I don't think that probably helps you at all either. But it helps me! It means I haven't been banished to the hinterlands!! I'm centrally located! I'm so happy!!!!! Yay!

So now I am exploring housing options. Did you know you can use craigslist in Tokyo? No? Well, you do now. It is just as messed up there as it is here. Whoa. For real. But....whatever...maybe I will find some awesome people to live with...who aren't secretly wishing to kill me in my sleep. Fingers crossed!! We'll see...

So, in case you are interested, officially, I will be working for Gaba Corporation teaching in their Ikebukuro Learning Studio. I will be teaching adult students in a one-on-one format. That's right...I'll be freaking out one Japanese person at a time, instead of traumatizing groups of children, as you may have been imagining. I will be assigned a cubicle to teach from, and you can see a video tour of said cubicle HERE.

I've been adding "conservative business attire" to my wardrobe (YIKES), while also reserving a corner of at least one suitcase for some costumes (or wait...should I have said YIKES here instead?). Or more than a corner. Maybe. Let's take a moment to pray for the people I am going to live with. Jesus, please prepare them. Amen.  

And here's a sample cubicle I could live in:

I love how there's a shelf for my own bowl, cup, and chopsticks. And a real bed! Woohoo! So here's the plan: rent a room in a guest house for a month while I find a more permanent situation. Craigslist, friends of friends...who knows...junk is going to get interesting pretty quicklike. It's okay. I'm ready. For serious.  

Fun facts about Tokyo:

I'll be the tallest person there. Fact.
Lady Gaga is not going to be touring there at least through April. Boo. All dressed up and nowhere to go! MAYBE NOT. We'll see....
People walk around during minor earthquakes like nothing is happening, even when you're in a shop full of glassware. I've seen it. PS I think "minor earthquake" is an oxymoron. PPS I love the word "oxymoron."

Was I supposed to look up actual facts? Whatever. I'm tired. You'll just have to take what I give you, or do the arduous work of heading over to google yourselves. 



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