Thursday, November 1, 2012

Done and done

CAPTAIN OBVIOUS REPORTING: I had an awesome Halloween!!

I started a small circus, where OF COURSE I was the ringleader to an adorable jungle cat. And a burned out Superman. And Beaker. And the Iceman. Just exactly right, I'd say. If you don't agree, THEN START YOUR OWN FLIPPIN' CIRCUS.

Meow Meow Part Deux & Ringleader Risa
So handsome.

That expression really works for EVERYTHING.

Awesome night.

So, did I say I had my visa in my last post?

Haha, just kidding. HOOPS. THERE ARE ENDLESS HOOPS TO JUMP THROUGH. But thanks to 23 years of formal education, 2 years as a federal employee, and 3 years as a Medicare provider, I am an EXPERT hoop jumper. Just watch me go!!!

Here's what actually happened: the Japanese Immigration Bureau approved my "Certificate of Eligibility," which is a piece of paper that says I am now ALLOWED to apply for a visa. Right. So I filled out more papers, drove to Miami Monday, dropped off the visa application at the embassy, drove back down today, picked up my passport complete with visa, and NOW I have it. Yay! Riveting stuff, I know.

I'm so glad they let me use the smiling picture for my visa...the same picture which had been deemed unacceptable for the Certificate of Eligibility, and required a retake for serial killer-style pics. You think I'm joking? Compare:

She'll probably bake you awesome cookies and cakes.
She will stab you in the face and bury you in the backyard
Anyway, it's done now and I'M IN. I have a job, my flight, my hotel for my first night, and a cubicle room in a guest house for my first month...just look:
It's 104 square feet, but it's MINE.
I'm going to be sharing a house with 9 other foreigners. I suddenly feel as though I've been cast in "Real World: Tokyo." Let's all pray THAT'S not true. NO. JOKE.



  1. So proud of and excited for you!! (about the moving to Japan . . . but maybe a little bit too for the circus)

    1. Thanks! :) It's too bad we couldn't meet up in Delaware! Hope you are well!!

  2. When I see you on real world Tokyo I will record it for you lol


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