Thursday, November 15, 2012


Okay, so I'm a super sporadic blogger right now. I know that. But frankly I have more important things to do! Like frying cupcakes. And snuggling this little cutie:
Can't. Get. Enough.
I have TEN DAYS left!! The anticipation is killing me!!! And so is my I-won't-get-to-eat-this-for-a-long-time diet. If you listen carefully, my stomach is now actually moaning the words "The horrors!" over and over again. Sorry, tummy! You're a champion!!!

Of course, as I always do, I made a countdown chain. Oh, how I love a good countdown. This is why you should always keep a glue stick handy:

If you look carefully you'll see that Godzilla marks the last day. Some days I really can't get over my own awesomeness.
Yesterday I might have had a moment of panic when I realized that my Japanese consists of "Excuse me," "Yes, please," "I'm going for it!" and "Easy, tiger." Although I really can't think of a situation that those phrases couldn't get me out of, so I really don't know why I'm panicking. Plus I've learned ten of the 2100+ symbols, so that's gotta be super helpful too, right?

But just in case, I ordered some language learning software, flashcards, and a couple of phrasebooks. Oh, and of course I still have this in my Nintendo DS (YES, I HAVE A NINTENDO DS, IT IS AWESOME, WHAT OF IT?):

It uses whac-a-mole to aid learning. Winner.
So for the next ten days, I'm going to keep up the culinary horror show, snuggle babies (or one baby...don't worry...your baby is probably safe), soak in the love of friends and family, go to Miami to see Madonna, wrap up annoying logistical details (my accountant is such a nice's a shame how much I don't want to talk to him!), add more useful phrases to my Japanese repertoire, and tear off one lovely link on the chain per day. Goal: Godzirra!!!!

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