Thursday, November 29, 2012

When even brushing your teeth gets interesting

I know you're dying to know: yes, I got my luggage. And by again applying a little monkey strength, I managed to haul all 3 of those behemoths up a narrow, twisty staircase to my room on the second floor. So I'm all settled in! Home sweet home! For at least this month...then we'll see what gem craigslist has to offer.

And I'm sure you're also dying to know that I am now sleeping on the proper schedule. But it is SO WEIRD that your body just KNOWS. For example, every evening about from about 5-7pm, which is 3-5am back home, a little voice inside screams "YOU THINK YOU CAN FOOL US WITH THESE SO-CALLED 'CLOCKS???' SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!" and it is PAINFUL to stay awake. But around 8pm, it fades, and I make it to bedtime just fine. Although I just watched the pilot of "American Horror Story" and I don't know that I want to turn the lights off tonight. Or ever. Mistake, that was. Anyway, I digress. I'm sleeping...yay!

I've had a very productive first few days. I registered as an alien (still so awesome), signed up for health insurance (thanks, Japan!), got a cell phone (with a two year contract? Eep!), opened a bank account (there are no such thing as checks?), went grocery shopping (or went to the store and stared at a lot of things that made no sense to me and brought home bananas and Cheetos), and got all moved in to the guest house (which would make for the quietest, most boring Real World ever, which is such a good thing). Each one of these items felt like a major accomplishment, and it really made me wish that high-fives were a little more universal. I need to make that happen. That's it...I'm bringing the high-five to Japan.  

Hey, wanna see my room?
Good thing we don't wear shoes in the house or  I'd definitely bash my head

Love the rice paper window screens

And the tatami mat flooring

And in the closet: a plastic magenta dresser - very traditional.

Closet is a little on the short side...or my pants are a little on the long side. Or both.

It works out well that I've always liked sitting on the floor

Yes, I brought my Hello Kitty snuggie

I feel like it's the Japanese version of my college dorm room

There's room for at least 4 Japanese people to live in that closet...6 if I launch them up to the top compartments too.

So that's my 104 square feet. It's more than enough for me, and very cozy, comfy, and most importantly for this Florida girl: WARM.

You know what else? I love that I already have material for an essay entitled "How a Nuclear Meltdown Made Me Dance While I Brush My Teeth." You'd read it, right? So when I checked in, they included a speech about saving energy, given the closing of nuclear power plants after the earthquake last year here in Japan. So to conserve energy, the common areas of the house have automatic lights with motion detectors. However, they are not very sensitive, so you have to move A LOT for the lights to know you are there. The first time I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, the lights went off every ten seconds. Apparently I was not brushing vigorously enough. And who actually MOVES when they're sitting on the toilet? Well, if you don't want to sit in the dark, you better figure something out. Take a moment and let your imagination go. Yup, it's hilarious. I worry though that I will get used to moving around so much all the time that when I move out in a month, my next roommates will think I'm tweaking on crystal meth or something.

Speaking of's here! Next time I'll tell you about the talking stove.

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