Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I got to teach my students phrases like "hock a loogie" and "snot rocket"...Teacher of the Year over here...

Having a cold in a society where it is impolite to blow your nose around others is just one of those leeeeettle cross-cultural challenges I really wasn't prepared for. But come on...I really fail to see how blotting your snotty nose with a washcloth or just letting the snot run down your face is any better. GRODY, y'all. But whatever. When in Rome, take cold medicine. Lots of cold medicine. That you brought from home. Because OD-ing on mystery drugs is not on your to-do list. That's what I say.

But then they hand out packs of tissue with ads on them everywhere you go. I think it's a trick...am I supposed to use this...or not??? I DON'T DO WELL WITH MIXED MESSAGES!!!

I got one that looked like an iPhone, but I used it right away , so no picture for you...so sad!
Anyway, when you're sick, you want "sick food." But at 11pm after a twelve hour workday, feverish, and hopped up on cold medicine, this is the best I could do:

Comfort food or the total opposite???
I wanted chicken noodle soup, but I couldn't bring myself to buy one of those ramen cup of noodle things (It's not the same!!), and let's face it: after working 12 hours with a cold, I've had all the Japanese I can handle and I'm just not up for dealing with Yoko Ohno or the dicey microwave. So, the next best thing: a hot roasted root vegetable, right? Straight off the coals. This is what they have right next to the register. This has "impulse purchase" written all over it.

It was a little dry, and I have zero foodstuffs at home, so I doused it in soy sauce, because that junk is EVERYWHERE. At any given moment there is a packet of soy sauce in my purse or pocket. I really think they multiply when I'm not looking.

Juice or juice concentrate?? How would I know??? At least the flavor is in English. It was sweet enough to kill a diabetic rhino, but I drank it. All at once. And I felt FANTASTIC.

What's better than a quart of vitamin C? MORE VITAMIN C. Not sure *exactly* what kind of citrus this was, but they were DELIGHTFUL. That's right: delightful. Bought a whole 'nother bag tonight.

One of the other sick trends I have trouble with is the whole wearing-a-mask thing, even though there are a million varieties available. Sorry guys, I'm freely spreading my germs. From America with love!!

Has anyone told them about how we catch colds through our eyeballs? I think that could be a whole new mess...
But I'm all better now! Ummm...mostly. I'm well enough that my nose-blowing anxiety has passed. AND WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR?? Really?


  1. I hope you're feeling better! There's probably nothing more miserable than being sick in a foreign country with foreign medicine with no friends/family and working 12 hours a day talking to people :(!

    1. Thanks! I seem to have shaken it off pretty easily, and my students hid their horror very politely. :)


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