Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm not going to talk about flakey winter skin at all. I swear.

So it's been three and a half weeks, and you might be wondering how moving to Tokyo has changed me. Or you don't care at all and I'm just going to tell you anyway. But if you don't care then WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? People like you make no sense to me. Anyway, here you go:

1) I now officially wish I had a camera bionically implanted in my retina so that whenever I want to take a picture of something, I just have to blink. If you hear of any clinical trials, SIGN ME UP. I NEED PICTURES OF THIS STUFF.

2) Tentacles show up in food all the time, and I don't even react.

3) I now use "etto" as my standard speech filler instead of "ummmm." EVEN WHEN I'M ALONE TALKING TO MYSELF.

4) Bowing at people for anything and everything seems totally normal. Though I'm probably doing it wrong. Okay, no, let's admit it: I'm definitely doing it wrong. But I'M TRYING!!!

5) I looooooove a heated toilet seat.

6) I can ride the train without holding on to anything. In fact that's where I write most of these posts now. It takes all my willpower to not high five the strangers around me every time I feel so accomplished about this. Which is at least twice a day.

7) With my days off being Tuesday and Wednesday, I've lost all concept of days of the week, and am forever telling my students to "have a nice weekend" on Monday. They are so confused. Or then it's the American slang and phrases I've been teaching them. I really want to be there when one of them tries to use "It's not my first rodeo" for the first time. They never have any idea what I'm trying to explain to them with that one.

8) With three earthquakes in three weeks, I've come to accept that THE EARTH JUST MOVES SOMETIMES. But I would prefer for it to not be when I'm in a skyscraper or dead asleep. Yup, I have preferences about earthquakes. Never saw that coming.

9) The only interaction I can comfortably have completely in Japanese is yelling for the waiter. Life skills, people.


10) I found a CHICKEN HEART in my purse last night and my first thought was "So that's where that went!"

And how hasn't it changed me?

I will forever be a girl who wanders a Japanese video store endlessly entertained:

I think I like their Beach Boys better. Sue me.

New favorite vampire. Just kidding...Eric Northman foreverrrrrr!!!

Can I live in this movie please??

I would buy a TV just to watch this.

Samurai heartthrob. Hotttt.


Yup. A Finnish Japanese movie. Further research to follow.

And then there's their Glee obsession.


Love that AIRWOLF is right next to Dexter even more. Whaaaa???

And THIS is definitely worth posting again:

I love it here, you guys!!!

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