Monday, December 24, 2012

Melly Clistmas!!!!

Here's what's on my Christmas wishlist this year...

You know what, I don't know that I even need to buy anything...just the ads make me happy...

Nothing for me, thanks, but a ride on the chandeliered carousel with the creepy mannequins would  be awesome

I don't have kids, but I feel like a package of Moony around the house couldn't help but boost my mood.

And the latest CD. Because a real blood orange would be crazeeeeeeee...

I LOVE Puff de Cheeks. Just saying it is fun. Puff de Cheeks. Say it again: Puff de Cheeks.
Men's underwear. With Jesus. Called "Vanquish." TRIFECTA.

Orrrrrr, you could go with glittery T-Rex undies. Jesus vs T-Rex...this is Sophie's Choice right here.

I know *I* want to smell like Dubai or Russia. Sweat and cabbages? Wait...whaaa????

Totes adorbs, kiddios. BUY.

Beverage dispenser for my next classy party.

Socks with HANDS. Socks. With HANDS. HANDS!!!!!

Gift box of beer. Check!


Popcorn in concert. You know I just have to know.


For my desk.

Rolly!! Yes, please.

And then maybe some appropriate attire to boost the festive atmosphere...

Maybe a Chopper Santa Hat?
Mr. Miyagi Santa!!!

Santa is my homeboy?
Boosting the elves morale?

Don't forget your sexy mittens!!!

It's already Christmas here, so let me spoil it for you: IT'S A MERRY ONE!!!!

From Tokyo with lots of love!!!!



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