Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday is the new Saturday

Day off! So what did I do?

A sampling:

Put on 27 layers of clothing because let's face it, I am a Florida girl at heart and numbers like 43 and 35 when we are talking about temperature (FAHRENHEIT....ALWAYS FAHRENHEIT...I cannot get on board with centigrade. I just can't.) just freak me out.

Have a conversation with a creeper on the train who has clearly mistaken me for someone who will find him charming.

Take 2 trains to get to Harajuku Station. Send a text that says "Okay, well I'm off to Takeshita!" because that junk is ALWAYS hilarious.

I <3 Takeshita Street 4-eva

Buy a new pj t-shirt...

Nothing but class.

...and the cutest earrings EVER.

Totes adorbs.

Come very close to buying this awesomely tacky Christmas decoration, but am saved by a text saying my friend has arrived. And pretty much am saved from certain financial ruin had I continued down Takeshita Street buying stuff that I clearly have ZERO willpower against. I should only go there with close supervision.

Sorry, Santa!!

Watch grown men practicing some kind of ninja rolling maneuvers in the park. And two teenagers practicing hip hop moves for what I can only hope is some J-Pop competition. And women practicing self-defense strategies, or some kind of improv theater. Hard to say. I'd show you video, but I didn't shoot any because I SAID IT WAS COLD, RIGHT?

Wander to Shibuya, find self in a Disney Store. Even if you hate the mouse, please, trust me: If ever you are in Japan, GO TO A DISNEY STORE.

How is this much cuteness even POSSIBLE?

Consider purchasing a Vivienne Westwood towel. Yup, ol' Viv has lost it.

Buy a chocolate marshmallow cookie to get into the Starbucks over Shibuya crossing. Why a cookie? Because you don't want to see me on caffeine. Ask around. True story. And they don't do decaf here. If I had to mastermind a plan to take down Japan, the first and probably only step would be to switch them all to decaf. And because WHO DOESN'T LOVE A COOKIE? Anyway, from that Starbucks, you can watch the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world...and this wasn't even a terribly busy moment:

Peruse the selection in a video rental store. This is worthy of a post all it's own, but this was my favorite part:

Decide to come back to this restaurant later:

Realize my quest to find Colonel Sanders in a Santa suit AT THE VERY FIRST KFC I CHECKED. Jump around and do a happy dance and startle a bunch of Japanese people. And then feel sad that I can't even give the Colonel a hug. WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS!!!!

Sit down for a moment and ponder: BUT WHICH IS MY FAVORITE: Santa Sanders or Kimono Sanders??? How will I ever decide??? Seriously: emotional overload.

Probably my second favorite Sanders.
Jury's still out.
No, jury's back. Santa wins.

Head back to the train station, go to Tsukishima to meet two new Japanese friends. Get introduced to the amazing world of okonomiyaki (also worthy of it's own post). Spend 5 hours laughing and talking and marveling at food and friendship.



Get back on the train, sit down happy and exhausted and too tired to tell off the creeper taking my picture with his phone.

Sit here until 2am telling you clowns about it.


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