Friday, January 4, 2013

Down like a dog on the highway

Let me get this down in writing, just so there's a record:

There is a very good chance I will die in some kind of traffic mishap here. Okay, I shouldn't say "traffic mishap." That sounds like the drivers are nuts. Which they might be...I just don't know. You know, I don't think so though...everything seems pretty stinkin' orderly. What I mean is I will get run down in the street and it will be entirely my own fault.

They drive on the left here.

"But you don't have a driver's license or ever drive a car or even ride in cars...why is that a problem???"

Because I ALWAYS look the wrong way when crossing the street.

Sure, we teach kids to "look both ways"...but what happens over time is that you learn to automatically look left, start walking, then look right, because you know THAT'S WHERE THE CARS ARE COMING FROM. Except that's not true here. I need to look right, THEN left. And I can't seem to get it through my skull. All the crazy things I've survived, and THIS is how I'm going to die.

Well, let me just say: I called it. At least you all know what to do in the event of my death. Go nuts for donuts!!!!

But if the bus that runs me down is as adorable as these, I WON'T EVEN MIND:

I just don't understand: How do they make even the BUSES cute????

And the fabric on the seats IN the buses??? ADORBS!!!

It's too much. I LOVE IT HERE.

PS: This is the poem I couldn't get out of my head while I was writing this...oh Anne...and now I miss college and my Pony Pal. GOOD TIMES. Consider this a bonus generosity and thoughtfulness stun even me sometimes:

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