Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happiest Pocky on Earth

Emotional eating never felt so good! Oh, Japan. CUTEST SNACK FOODS EVERRRRR!!!!

It doesn't matter that the Pocky itself kinda had a sawdust quality. Just the packaging itself made me happy. And now I share that happiness with YOU!! You're welcome. And if you don't know the joys of Pocky, then GO! Find Pocky! Educate thyself!! IMMEDIATELY!

And ask yourself: WHY DON'T I KNOW ABOUT POCKY??? But be kind to yourself...we all make mistakes. We do. It happens. It's okay. You're okay, I'm okay. Okay? Okay.

Why hello little Panda bear!
Happy childhood memories of a slip n' slide, evoked by a little dancing bear. Who knew?
The pyramids?? That is some next-level multicultural junk right there. Oh how I wish I could read Japanese...

I'm still looking for the elusive chocolate banana Pocky...if anyone finds it, let me know! The prize for that junk will be AWESOMES. Trust.

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