Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow-Coated Reality

I'm a Florida girl. And what do I know about snow? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I've visited winter in the past (and serious winter at that...hello?? -40 degrees in Finland, thank you very much), but it took one snow day here in Tokyo to inform me straight up: I'm screwed.

My Florida winter clothes are a JOKE. And not the funny kind. The ohhhhh-you-poor-thing kind. So I wear a lot of layers. Like 4 or 5. Like I can't bend my legs.

But in my defense, the people I asked said it "doesn't really snow" in I didn't worry too much.

Until it snowed in Tokyo.

Ummm...that's snow.

Like more than just "a little."

But it sure is pretty. Even if it is breaking branches and threatening to drop piles of stuff on my head.

Once it's enough to make fake people, it's officially too much..
But we had a great day learning about snowpeople of the world. Like this Russian snowwoman. She is quite voluptuous, but we tried to keep it tasteful.
Or the Japanese snowman. Kawaii!!!
Japanese Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Adorbs!
But at least we look great in the snow! 

I'm sorry but this doesn't look like "it doesn't really snow" to me. But maybe it's an issue of perspective. Maybe THIS is what snow means to them:

Ummm...yeah. I didn't take this picture. I don't want to be anywhere NEAR this!! But it is in Japan.
 So it snowed. And I looked in my closet and realized that I own three pairs of boots, but two of those have five-inch heels (haha, stupid Floridian!) and the last pair has soles so slick that I've already slipped and fallen twice, and that's BEFORE snow and ice entered the picture. And none of the above are waterproof. There is mad laughter in my head as I write this. Totally and utterly unequipped.

So I went shopping for winter things. And after looking for snow boots for five minutes and realizing the biggest size they have for women is an 8.5, I decided I wasn't up for public ridicule today. Kids, hear me: I wear a size ELEVEN. And as I have mentioned here before, I have arms and legs for daaaaays...allow me to reiterate:

That is my LEG I am leaning on. Foot flat on the floor. FYI: THAT IS NUTS.

Buying a jacket and snow pants is going to be an absolute nightmare. So I did what any sensible Florida girl does: I bought summer dresses. But to balance it out, I did find a ski least my head's not too big for Japan (yet):


So I survived the snow day like a champ. Though my feet were totally soaked. But at least I didn't fall on my accident-prone keister...A MIRACLE! I felt like Bambi on the frozen pond, but without the adorable woodland sidekick. And then I spent 24 hours hiding in my bedroom watching movies and trying to drown out the sound of snow sliding off the roof and crashing to the ground. 'Cause you know it would've landed straight on my head. NO THANK YOU.


  1. Many layered Lisa! Ahhhh, such fond memories of Iceland :)

    1. The three-jacket system!!!! :) Such happy memories!


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