Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I get psych-nerdy at least twice, but I promise it's worth it


Time just gets away from me!!

I have so many things to share!!! See, if I just had that bionic eyeball camera I keep on about, I could just keep a webcam feed going here at all hours. Oh boy. That would be so crazy and overwhelming. For all of us. THE THINGS I HAVE SEEN. I feel like international laws would somehow be broken. Ummmm...maybe let's not.

It is 2am. I should go to sleep, like NOW. So here...this isn't a real post...just a sampling of stuff from the last week or so:

So Abe turned 204, and we got all patriotic. For AMERRICUH (haha, my friends are British...TOTALLY got them to sell out!!! Quick, tell the Queen!!)

Then there was Tokyo-style Valentine's. There was a whole set of Snow White themed cakes...why would you buy a poisoned apple cake for Valentine's?? Or the evil queen??? Anyway, beheading that squirrel and the dwarf was SO ROMANTIC.  Then we watched Les Mis. Do you have any idea how much they SING in that movie? GEEZ.

Then, you know, unrefrigerated roast chicken in a bag. For that yummy salmonella taste. Ugh. WHY??? Wisely left that one in the store. 

Then off to a 10-story megaplex for some exposure therapy to get over our fears of this addiction they call KARAOKE. I love teaching students to pronounce it in "English"..."karry-oki." Shoot me.

These are our REAL FEELINGS, people.

Where we spent the next 5 hours belting out the hits. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes at waiters. Always awesome. 

SHE looks like a pro in every photo.

Whereas *I* look like I'm fighting invisible ninjas in every photo.  It's like the most accurate Rorshach ever.

This is what it's like to go to the Japanese ATM. I love the little glued down calculator. It ALWAYS feels like a miracle when you actually get money out.

This is a little hook to hold your umbrella while you use the ATM. Again: WHY??
This is what happens when you drop a Florida girl in a Tokyo winter. Vader and a fur hat. THAT'S HOW I ROLL.
So first I asked "What is 'Natural Damaged Hair'?"

Then I just started laughing. I have NO IDEA.

Some shops have yetis. Marketing magic. Yetis ALWAYS draw me in.

And sometimes $2 buys you so much happiness you don't know how to stand it. CUTEST PILLBOX EVER.

And then as my parting gift to you this evening, there's THIS:



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  1. There is NO WAY i can take you serious in that panda hat. hahahahahaha.


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