Friday, March 1, 2013

These posts always start out one way and then just get away from me.

What up, kiddies??

It should not surprise you for one second to learn that my cell phone has an entire Spring wardrobe...and if you are surprised, then clearly you have NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.

Because even my phone wants to dress like an adorable cat sometimes.
This is for FANCY DRESS.
That babyhead will steal your soul. Don't look too long.
This is only for the most special of occasions.
Like when you take your pandahead to karaoke for the first time.
Or go on a Pikachu latte quest. You know. As one does.
Ready - FIGET!
There isn't anything about this I don't love.
This one is for every day use. Obvi.

I'm amazed I survived so long without this in my life.
There *might* be a corresponding little shimmy dance that goes with this case.
(No, you will never see it.)
Also for everyday use.
This is what my phone is wearing RIGHT NOW.

So do you ever look around and realize you've suddenly developed an obsession for something without really being aware of it? Like maybe for Abraham Lincoln? Or is that just me?

He snuck up on me like Booth snuck up on him. Blammo!!
Too soon???
PS I love all the random Abe stuff you all send me. If anyone wants to get me these band-aids, I might lose my junk entirely:

"He will heal your wound as he healed a nation"

But I digress. So as I purchased my SECOND panda cell phone case this week, I realized that maaaaybe I've developed a bit of a "thing" for pandas. You know, that really is surprisingly painful to say. I wanna be all like "You don't know me! I do NOT have a THING for PANDAS!!!" But, A) I'm talking to myself...and well, I sound like a moron, and 2) Denial is a river in Egypt, and C) What's the point of trying to hide it? I LOVE MY NEW PANDA FRIENDS. I AM UNASHAMED!!! 

I had a whole blog post devoted to these crunchy suckers.
But I think this should have been my FIRST CLUE.

PPS I am still in selective-Panda-obsession mode. Not just any pandas will do. Only the best and the brightest need apply. DO NOT MAIL ME PANDA JUNK. Or, no, do. I love mail. MAIL ME PANDAS!! But mail me Abe band-aids first. Priorities!!!

PPPS How appropriate is it that the recently elected Japanese Prime Minister's name is Shinzo ABE??? Yup. MEANT TO BE.

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