Monday, May 12, 2014

If we could all agree that 6am is too early for this

I love how colorful everything is in Nepal, especially the trucks and buses. If I wouldn't likely end up with some kind of lung disease from the ever-present clouds of dust and exhaust, I'd love to wander the streets and just take pictures of all the crazy decorative additions that drivers make to their vehicles. I mean, I've seen metal eyelashes welded onto the headlights! It's awesome! And so flirty!

Anyway, I was doing just that while I was standing on the roadside waiting to be picked up for the trip back to Kathmandu, and I captured this awesome school bus:

And then suddenly, my Nepali guide shouts "Be aware of that bull, sister!" Which until that moment, I would've sworn the only English he knew was "Let's move, sister." And sure enough, there's a Brahma bull having an altercation with the back of the bus. Like a SERIOUS disagreement. Like they are never gonna be friends after this. So we run into the nearest house...though the problem with this is that the house only has three walls and is open to the road, so should Mr. I-Don't-Know-How-To-Use-My-Words decide to turn this way, well, I had half a mind to whack him with a hiking pole. It worked with the monkeys...but I'll admit my confidence was a little lower in this situation.

Fortunately, he was angry AND focused, so he proceeded to chase the bus up the road until I guess he felt he'd made his point. Then he comes back strutting all casual like nothing happened. But, dude, WE ALL SAW YOU.

What? He mocked my majestic hump.

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