Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whiling away an afternoon in rural Nepal...

Despite being high on a mountain in the northern Nepali village I visited, it was blisteringly and mindfryingly hot during the day. And luckily the villagers were experts in knowing exactly which spots had the best shade and the best breeze at any given time during the day. Now that's practical and useful knowledge! And I happily took advantage of this, moving from spot to spot throughout the afternoons, all the while marveling that giving up bathing AND deodorant had not rendered me nearly as foul as one might expect. Or maybe it just helped that there was always livestock around that smelled way worse, functioning as quite the cover. Or as I choose to believe, I am naturally as lovely and fragrant as a fresh spring day.

So, one day, we were sitting on our straw mats under the grapefruit tree by the goat house, enjoying the cool breeze, as one does.

Goat house!
And goats! Woot.

The ladies were chatting on my right, and this cutie was chittering away like a Nepali squirrel on my left:  

Note: I have no idea if there even are Nepali squirrels, but she'd be their queen for sure.

And from the corner of my eye, I caught sight of one of the goats practically SPRAYING pellets from his caprine hindquarters. 

First thought: That looks like the popcorn machine at the movie theater. Huh. 

Second thought: *cue insane jealousy* That's so unfair! Why does a goat get to easily and neatly go to the bathroom wherever and whenever without anyone batting an eye?? Look at those neat little pellets! How does his body even DO that? And I'm actually AMUSED by his spray of pellets, but even if I were disgusted, HE WOULDN'T CARE.  *cue realization that my bathroom anxiety has taken a weird turn*

Instead, humans are faced with signs like this:

"To Defecate in Open Area is to commit a SOCIAL CRIME!"
“Bishnu, we really gotta do something. People are just popping a squat wherever they are and it’s gotta stop! This is the second pair of loafers I’ve ruined this week. Nepal needs a change!”


Fourth thought: I really need to get out of the sun.

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